MarketChemica is pleased to partner with Naxtech (UK) for all client-marketing needs in the digital space. Naxtech brings a rich experience from IT marketing savvy sectors, such as: pharmaceuticals, tourism/travel/ hospitality, financial services, insurance, recruitment, property, entertainment, retail, adidas jeremy scott wings and ecommerce. MarketChemica niche expertise in fine and specialty chemicals leverages Naxtech technical expertise in integrating incoming traffic information and outgoing market messaging in the company strategy.


Online marketing - eMarketing

Naxtech specialises primarily in organic multi-lingual search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing ( email data lists and email marketing platform) and other forms of online marketing such as affiliate programs, PPC (pay per click) and banner advertising.  For more information visit our partner site at

Web Development - Web, desktop, mobile, multi-platform

MarketChemica chose Naxtech as a preferred partner in the digital space based on the capability to match the customer business needs with no-nonsense technical solutions. For Naxtech the business result comes first; not the technology, not the budget and not the custom or standard practice.  This parallels closely Marketchemica’s own business philosophy. The synergies created by our complementarity of knowledge and shared values help us offer a comprehensive solution to your marketing needs.