Mch BrandBuilder™

The chemical business is not different from any other business. If you don’t have a good name you have to sell at the lowest price. Ask yourself, did you ever invest SPECIFICALLY in your good name? Do you even think how to build the respect of the markets and the pride of your employees?

The common thinking is that only big companies need to brand because they can afford it. And yet Mch BrandBuilder™ will help you build your brand on an SME budget.

Branding is not a cost but an investment in an intangible asset called brand. It even has an accounting value on the balance sheet. Branding is a capital expense to the manufacturer that delivers significant value to the buyer. It is the market shorthand for trust.

As such, branding is part of “how” the value is delivered to the markets, one customer at a time. This commands higher prices.

Mch BrandBuilder™ follows a clearly defined process and could be carried out even without Mch continued support or presence.

This provides you with the opportunity to own the process and minimize cost while getting leadership buy-in in the brand.

Build a name for yourself; make people proud of their company; create great products, and improve ROI with the Mch BrandBuilder™

For more information contact us or consult ourĀ resources page (See article “Branding: A Competitive Advantage for SME”).