Mch ConsultingInsight ™ Product Line

Mch ConsultInsight™ builds on Mch BusinessCompass™ capability to collect competitive intelligence from around the world.

Mch ConsultInsight™ focus is on the revenue potential, a critical benchmark for measuring past performance, mapping the way forward, increasing sales line and sharpen valuations. Choose the right Mch ConsultInsight™ product using Product Finder.

Here is the Mch ConsultInsight™ product line:

  1. Mch RevenueAudit™: Audits revenue performance relative to revenue potential that is driven by market size & share
  2. Mch MarketingAudit™: Audits marketing processes from intelligence to research to strategy and communications
  3. Mch R&D PipelineAudit™: Cleans your R&D pipeline to increase success rate and improve ROI on R&D
  4. Mch NPDForecast™: Keeps out new product development candidates without sufficient revenue potential
  5. Mch RevenueForecast™: Forecasts future revenue from products, product lines, brands, R&D portfolio and other assets
  6. Mch CustomerResearch™: Pinpoints your customers needs and wants, value hierarchy and distills profitable selling proposition
  7. Mch CompetitionResearch™: Pinpoints your competition positioning in the market and new positioning opportunities
  8. Mch BrandBuilder™: Our brand building tool for an SME budget
  9. Mch Communications™: Plans the market communications mix
  10. Mch Supply Crosshairs™:
    • Monitors exclusive supply agreements and court decisions
    • Provides historic information on supplier activity
    • Identifies unusual trade patterns on a global scale
    • Traces/investigates flows of products for government agencies