Mch ConsultingInsight Overview

Mch ConsultInsight™ is a consulting service that will help you distills the competitive information generated by Mch BusinessCompass™ in business decisions and rollout execution plans.

Whether you are an owner, an investor or an executive use the   Mch ConsultInsight™ Product Finder to choose the Mch ConsultInsight™ that’s right for you.

Mch ConsultInsight™ is a family of consulting products related to the revenue potential1.

You need to audit the revenue line in order to understand how well did you perform in the past and where can you improve. You need to forecast the revenue line in order to map the way forward or anchor a valuation exercise in market realities. At last, but not at least you need to support your execution plans with strong marketing and sales actions.

This is why Mch ConsultInsight™ has three product lines: Audit, Forecast and Support. Use Mch ConsultInsight™ Product Finderr to find the Mch ConsultInsight™ product that responds to your specific needs.

For more information consult: 

        1. Mch ConsultInsight™ Brochure
        2. Mch BusinessCompass™ Presentation
        3. Mch BusinessCompass™ Brochure

1) Mch defines revenue potential as the revenue that can be generated under reasonable circumstances in any given market. Revenue potential is limited by market size and competition intensity for an average sales performance based on industry standards.