Mch RevenueForecast™

Mch RevenueForecast™ predicts revenue line based on limiting factors such as market size, segments and penetration rate. Mch determines accurately these limiting factors with Mch BusinessCompass™, our proprietary market intelligence service.
Anchor your revenue forecast in market reality with Mch RevenueForecasts™!

Investor/owners-Due Diligence 
Valuations tied to linear future sales growth or mechanical price to sales multiples are simplistic: buyers overpay sellers undersell.
Anchor your pro-forma revenue line in market realities. Improve due diligence, back up negotiation scenarios and know your walk-away price with Mch RevenueForecast™!

CEOs-Strategic Revenue Targets
Failure to meet repeatedly strategic revenue targets calls into question the market strategy of the company. Strategic revenue targets need to be compared
to revenue potential.
Mch derives revenue potential from market size derived from Mch BusinessCompass™. Propose achievable strategic objectives with Mch RevenueForecasts™!

Sales: Forecast & performance
Failure to meet repeatedly revenue targets calls into question your sales forecast and sales performance measurement capabilities.
Mch gives you the revenue potential based on market realities. Propose achievable sales targets and reward for performance with Mch RevenueForecasts™!

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