Mch RevenueAudit™

Mch RevenueAudit™ benchmarks past revenue line against revenue potential. The revenue potential is limited by factors such as market size, market segments and market penetration rate.

Mch determines accurately these limiting factors with Mch BusinessCompass™, our proprietary market intelligence service.

Investors & owners, CEOs, Sales and Marketing have a vested interest in auditing past revenue in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Improve your revenue with Mch RevenueAudit™! 

Investor/owners-Valuation and Underperforming Investment

Spot underperforming business by benchmarking against revenue potential. Weather you are engaging in negotiations or simply want to challenge the executive of an underperforming investment Mch RevenueAudit™ can pinpoint weaknesses and strengths in the revenue line.

CEOs-Sales Performance Measurement
Use revenue potential derived from market size, market share and market trends in order to benchmark sales performance.

Challenge or reward sales performance armed with factual market intelligence and help your Sales boost the revenue line with Mch RevenuAudit™!

Sales: Sales Performance Measurement

  Decreasing sales does not always mean poor performance. In fact, you can sell less and outperform your competitors, in a shrinking market. Stop taking sales targets driven by financial objectives! Determine the real market potential and prove you have the best sales force with Mch RevenuAudit™!


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