Mch R&D PipelineAudit™

Mch R&D PipelineAudit™ helps you eliminate products under development that do not have sufficient market size to meet the ROI on R&D. 

The revenue potential of new products is derived from limiting factors such as market size, market segments and market penetration rate. Mch determines accurately these limiting factors with Mch BusinessCompass™, our proprietary market intelligence service.

Investors & owners, CEOs, Sales and Marketing have a vested interest in auditing the R&D Pipeline and fail early the commercial duds. Improve your ROI on R&D with Mch PipelineAudit™!

Investor/Owners/CEO-Valuation and Long Term Profitability

If your Executive speaks about technology and capacity without considering the revenue potential when deciding a new product for development chances are that it will fail at launch. Stop wasting precious R&D resources and cut losses short by eliminating dud products under development with Mch R&D PipelineAudit™!

Improve valuation of the R&D pipeline by understanding the market potential of the new products with Mch R&D PipelineAudit™!

R&D managers: Increase success rate and job satisfaction

Make sure that projects in your pipeline stand a chance to be successful at launch. Audit your pipeline and fail early all projects that do have credible markets with Mch R&D PipelineAudit™!

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