Mch BusinessCompass™ Overview

Mch BusinessCompass™ service gives SMEs access to independent, verifiable market information from around the world.

Mch service is a turnkey competitive intelligence system specialized in fine and specialty chemicals. It provides customized market intelligence for SMEs at an affordable price point.

Multinationals (MNs) have the resources to field, monitor and process competitive information. MNs global market knowledge is a critical and sustainable competitive advantage.

SMEs do not have the expertise and financial resources to access, extract and distill global intelligence. SMEs use unverifiable (and potentially misleading) sources such as its sales force, buyers and various business contacts.

Other beneficiaries of the MchBusinessCompass™ service are governmental agencies and financial stakeholders in the industry.

Mch BusinessCompass™ increases competitiveness and provides much needed transparency for the global economy.

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