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Mch thought-leadership articles:

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Mch third party market communications-print/digital/live:

  1. Article Chemistry Today: Coal to Gas and End of Cycle Technologies Gain Traction

  2. Mch BusinessCompass™ A New Competitive Intelligence Approach for Fine & Specialty Chemicals, (part 2)

  3. Article Chemistry Today: The ACS Green Chemistry Institute®-Industry Roundtables

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  10. Article Chemical Informer: Highlights from the 16th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

  11. Conference speech: The ACS Green Chemistry Institute Industry Roundtables as an Opportunity for Biobased Chemical Manufacturers & Formulators

  12. MarketChemica Inc. to represent Pennakem LLC at the 16th Green Chemistry & Green Engineering Conference, June 18-20, 2012 Washington DC

  13. MarketChemica Inc. to represent Pennakem LLC at GreenPower Biobased Chemicals conference in Rotterdam, March 13-14, 2012