Intelligence: Uncommon Knowledge before It Becomes News

Market intelligence is a core internal capability for Mch Associates allowing our partners to use proprietary research in chemicals global trade and national statistics around the world

- Beyond the tactical value of knowing transacting parties, prices, volumes and entire supply chains, our insights in imports, exports and internal production help us see shifting geopolitical tectonic plates that ultimately can make or break your company
- Our partners published work anticipating the peril of the de-globalization since 2021 and we advised clients for years to hedge against decoupling and secure their supply chains from within allied countries with USA

Competitive Intelligence is another forte of Mch Associates as our Partners have actually worked in the industry and are published authors who understand the challenges of science and technology

- Our intellectual property assessment goes beyond legalities and considers patents on technical originality and superiority
- Our strategic marketing capabilities are anchored in the consumer demand by deconstruction of supply chain markets to the chemical intermediate level
- As a result of our outside-inside approach combined with deep technical and supply chain understanding we can predict with greater accuracy future markets, share and sales

If interested in getting the most granular business data from markets around the world including China contact us and we will develop the right method for you


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